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A useful, wholesome idea in need of a complete branding service. GoGaudi was the name of our client’s vision: a simple, intuitive website with a wide array of significant discounts and coupons for the older population in Germany. Our task was to make this brand and its entire digital presence as approachable and intuitive as possible!


A more approachable brand with a developed, open color palette and high-quality visuals that match the newly established aesthetics of the brand. GoGaudi now boasts a new website with wide, clean sections that are easy to navigate and are fully optimized for the ultimate user experience.


Soft edges, clear, thick typography in a playful font - this was the starting point of our design. Our solution includes the abbreviated version which can come in hand for sections or merchandise with limited space.

old logo
new logo


Happy-go-lucky, with special emphasis on happy! The new color selection is bursting with a more open palette and rich colors that are simultaneously easy on the eyes!

gogaudi logo
gogaudi logo
gogaudi logo
gogaudi logo

Images and graphics

Clear imagery, high-quality visuals and a monochrome background in brand colors - we've found the optimal combination that suits the essence of GoGaudi! The brand's website is clad in cheerful colors and positive visuals that inspire the user to associate the brand with a fun time and excellent deals.

We made sure to add flexibility to the logo as well by introducing its gradient alternative with a slight tilt - time to Go!

Key visuals

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Web Design
& Development

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User experience was imperative. We had already established the brand palette and had enough visual elements to work with - now was the time to structure the website in such a way that visitors (old and new!) had no issues with navigating the page and finding the perfect deal.


Complete brand reinvention from the ground up

New website with optimized UX/UI design

Live project
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Transparency itself: a promise of safety and practicality voiced by design

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