We are not an award-winning agency... Yet!

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Behind the Brand

Mistakes had been made

In 2012, our founder NT opened an agency with a couple of his friends. With the right amount of peer pressure, he agreed to name the agency NUL Apps.

In 2023, it was high time for a rebrand, the first thought being: we need a new name.

Why Square?



Why 43?


Long story short: we saw a sign.


As we were leaving our office building afer another name brainstorming session, our gaze fell on a simple sign on the building wall:


It suddenly made sense.

Squares or blocks of identical appearence are symbols of New Belgrade


On top of that, a square is a meeting point of multiple cross-roads, where you can meet and greet or miss and lose!

square43 logo

In that light, Square43 Studio became a meeting point...

...where business meets creativity, as well as a meeting point for all creatives of the world.

Why studio?

A philosophical distinction.

We feel that the term “Agency” carries bad legacy emotions. Every agency out there has its purpose, but that is not our approach to a creative industry. Agencies are here to please you by delivering what you expect.

In a studio, the aim is not to please, but rather amaze with a creative approach that ventures beyond what is already given.







All play and no work makes
Square43 the place of our dreams.

With every incoming project, we play around with ideas, concepts and everything we know only to demolish our own limits.

We value the unique hue every member of our team adds to our group portrait.

  • employee
    Nikola Tomović
    CEO & Founder
  • employee
    Vidan Dojčinović
    Marketing Director
  • employee
    Marko Živanović
    Art Director
  • employee
    Vladimir Stojanović
    Digital Designer
  • employee
    Ilija Vidaković
    Graphic & Motion Designer
  • employee
    Nina Đukić
    Senior Content Writer
  • employee
    Vladan Marković
    Lead Frontend Developer
  • employee
    Đulian Bogdan
    Frontend Developer
  • employee
    Natalija Jevtić
    Lil' PR

We do not cherish hierarchy.

In a studio, we are all board of directors. Every single member's opinion and time is equally valued.