Transparency itself: a promise of safety and practicality voiced by design

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At the time of our first meeting, Glasstic had a finished product and a clear (no pun intended) idea of its purpose. What remained was communication in every way possible, especially on socials and their new website-to-be.

This included not only a rework of their Social Media presence, but first and foremost, a complete makeover of their existing website. The focus needed to remain on the practicality of plastic glasses that look (and feel) exactly like glass, but we also realized that an extra touch was needed.


This was our starting point: one established brand color, a finished product and an identity to build. Soon enough, we made a to-do list of our own: refurbish the website by adding color; clear out sections on the website for a cleaner look; include to-the-point product description.

With a new set of bright colors and an optimized web layout, we can humbly claim that Glasstic is now nothing short of fantastic!

Web design

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Firstly, the website needed a splash of color, so we extended the existing palette. Each new vivid shade added a special pop to the page and allowed us to single out the product's special features more clearly.

Though the product can be marketed both for personal use and venues, the quality for both targets is making the brand vibrant and fun! Be it a party at home or in a club, safety comes first. We just found a way to make it look fun and lively too!

With the basis set, it was time to move on to special touches. Notice the seamless glass effect used for the product’s unique selling points! We went one step further and made sure to include rounded edges for each text box. Even these details send a clear message: there is nothing sharp or dangerous about these glasses, despite their appearance! The tiniest details like these are also crucial in brand communication!

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Plastika kao staklo

Izgled, upotreba i održavanje Glasstic čaša je identično kao kod staklenih, ali naše čaše obezbeđuju lakše i brže čišćenje i prenošenje.

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Ušteda i do 50%

Glasstic čaše Vam donose i do 50% uštede na dugoročnom planu, pošto se ne mogu razbiti, a 5X duže traju u proseku od staklenih čaša.

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Sa Glasstic čašom ste 100% bezbedni i gradite visoku reputaciju poslovanja. Staklena čaša može da nanese štetu lokalu ili mušteriji.


Leaving such unique products without a fully-equipped online shop would be incredibly underwhelming. So we decided to go above and beyond to create an intuitive shopping platform for a smooth experience with a minimal bounce rate!

Glasstic was provided with a card payment integration shop, enabled through WooCommerce, which happens to be our specialty.Take a look for yourself!

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Increased website visits by 25%

Improved user experience
Website design fully aligned with the brand and product

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Transparency itself: a promise of safety and practicality voiced by design

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