Sensations combined: feel the softness through visuals and copy.

What we've done

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We like working with game-changers. That typically refers to people with a unique product and a vision. KEIKO approached us with a rich product background: baby clothing made of only the finest organic materials - specifically a combination of organic cotton and bamboo, which is fully biodegradable.

Their result: surreal softness and comfort for babies, with their future in mind.


KEIKO provided us with high-quality images, as well as short video materials. With all the building blocks at our disposal, we adapted the imagery with pro-level editing, inserting key elements. We finished off with to-the-point copy that followed the tone of the brand: light, ethereal, with soft wording and angel-like, dreamy imagery behind every letter.

Combining the perfected visuals with the appropriately-styled copy yielded heavenly results - and sales!

Web Design

Home is where the web-page is - so we redesigned KEIKO's homepage too! With a clean-cut design, their images got the well-deserved spotlight. This kind of distribution emphasized their minimalistic design and the impeccable quality of the product.

With soft edges and even softer colors - completely in line with the brand - we wanted each visitor to be able to feel the outstanding material before even touching it!

Promotional motion graphics

Why stop at static images? There's no denying that short video formats are now a preferred format, so our production followed suit! There is additional freedom and creativity in the world of motion graphics, which allowed us to send a clear message to potential buyers: this product combines natural, organic materials, elegant design and unparalleled comfort - do NOT miss out.


KEIKO's Instagram page gained followers, with new inquiries arriving every day.

Even though the brand had been present on the market for a month, its profits started increasing as soon as we put in our marketing efforts.

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Transparency itself: a promise of safety and practicality voiced by design

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