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A complete transformation from a suit-n-tie, corporate concept to a funky, contemporary business travel company that focuses on innovation, sustainability and travel support.

DIB Travel is a Swedish-Serbian startup that was founded with a clear mission: to revolutionize the business travel experience through digitalization. Our task was clear, but extremely complex: complete brand revamp on all fronts - web design, visual identity, social media channels.


After discussing things with DIB Travel, we understood their need to Do It Better, and it inspired us to do our very best for them!

We set off to redesign their platform and upgrade their campaign to communicate this fact through every channel available: their website is now adorned with funky visuals, witty copy and clearly communicated services - all of which is promoted regularly on their social media channels.

Brand communication

Approaching corporate travel with a clichéd formal tone can hardly set you apart. More importantly, business professionals are real people who know how to have fun!

This is why we opted for a more approachable image, witty copy and out-of-the box visuals.

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Web Design
& Web Development

Achieving balance between a witty tone of voice and a reliable brand image is always a challenge...not for us though! Pair that up with clearly communicated perks and services of a fully customized user-friendly web design and you're set for victory!

Each web page was made in line with the new brand image, but our top priority was a user-friendly outline with to-the-point communication.

Welcoming new clients

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New partnerships are one of the key driving forces when it comes to growing your brand.

Being aware of this, we introduced a new post type for DIB Travel: each Friday, DIB Travel celebrates their new partnerships.

Each partner company is presented in a dedicated post with fully customized visual and caption done in the usual DIB Travel tone and manner!

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Above and beyond!

DIB Travel's social media channels include Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, all with very different types of audiences.

In order to accomodate these differences, we approach social media planning with great attention when it comes to relevant content suitable for a particular type of audience.

Our social media content ranges from static visuals and eye-catching headliners to top tier animations and insightful blog posts that address relevant topics in respective industries - we do our own research too!

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Airport Background
Airport Background
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Ever since our revamp has been implemented, DIB Travel has received over 10.000 valuable leads,

gathered new investors and gained over 6.000 followers on LinkedIn!

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